GTC - LUX Ltd.


Please note that you, as a customer (consumer), declare that you know and accept the following terms and conditions, written in accordance with Section6:77-6:81 of the Civil Code (Act V of 2013) and applied by LUX Kft. using the website available at (the "WebShop").

If you wish to be a customer or an active user of the opportunities offered by our WebShop, please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before purchasing and use our services only if you agree with all the points and consider them binding on you.

This document will only be published electronically. The contract resulting from the application of these GTC constitutes a distance contract within the framework of the Civil Code.


1. Seller's details:

  • Company name: LUX Automotive Parts Manufacturer Ltd.
  • Headquarters: H-6000 Kecskemét, Technik-Park
  • Tax number: 10514906-2-03
  • Registration Number: 03-09-100405
  • Competent Commercial Court: Commercial Court of Kecskemét
  • Electronic availability:
  • Website:
  • Telephone availability: +36 76/ 505-346

Contact details of the hosting service provider: Profitárhely Kft. 6000 Kecskemét, Szolnoki út 23.

The hosting service provider in these terms and conditions is hereinafter referred to as the "Operator".

2. Concepts

Parties: Seller and Buyer together

Consumer: a natural person acting in a customer position outside the scope of his profession, profession or business

Consumer contract: a contract one of the subjects of which is considered to be a consumer

Website: website that is considered to be a means of communication between distances

Contract: A sales contract between Seller and Buyer using the Website and e-mail, of which these GTC is an integral part.

Means of distance communication: a means of making a contract declaration in the absence of the parties in order to conclude a contract. Such means include, in particular, the addressed or untitled form, the standard letter, the advertising order form published in the press product, the catalogue, the telephone, the fax and the internet access device

Distance contract: a consumer contract concluded under a distance selling scheme for the provision of the contracted goods or services without the simultaneous physical presence of the parties, with the contracting parties using only means of distance communication for the purposes of concluding the contract

Product: all marketable movable items offered on the Website that are placed on the Website and intended for sale and are subject to the Contract

Undertaking: a person acting in the course of his profession, profession or business

Buyer/You: person who has concluded a purchase offer through the Website

For sale: LUX Ltd.

Warranty: In the case of contracts concluded between the consumer and the undertaking (hereinafter referred to as the 'consumer contract'), the

(a) the guarantee for the performance of the contract, which the undertaking voluntarily undertakes for the proper performance of the contract in addition to or in the absence of its legal obligation, and

(b) statutory mandatory warranty


3. Relevant legislation

The Treaty shall be governed in particular by the following legislation:

  • Clv 1997. law on consumer protection;
  • In the 2001 Act of CVIII, the Commission shall, in the first place, adopt the necessary Law on certain aspects of e-commerce services and information society services;
  • Law V of 2013 on the Civil Code (PTK);
  • 151/2003. (22 IX) Gov. regulation on a compulsory guarantee for certain durable goods;
  • Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26) on detailed rules for contracts between consumers and undertakings;
  • 19/2014. (29 IV) NGM Regulation on procedural rules for dealing with warranty and warranty claims for things sold under a contract between the consumer and the undertaking

4. Scope, adoption, alteration of the GTC

The content of the contract between us, in addition to the provisions of the relevant binding laws, is determined by these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the GTC) and by other information on this website. Accordingly, this GTC contains the rights and obligations imparted to you and us, the terms and conditions of the conclusion of the contract, the time limits for delivery, the terms of delivery and payment, the liability rules and the right of withdrawal conditions for the exercise of the practice.

You are obliged to know the provisions of this GTC before finalizing your order. By purchasing through our webshop, you agree to the provisions of this GTC and the GTC is fully part of the contract between you and seller.

The Seller is entitled to change the provisions of this GTC within the framework of the relevant legislation. Please read the provisions of the GTC before each purchase. Any modification of the GTC is valid from the appearance of the website. Any changes to contracts (confirmed orders) that have already been created will not affect any changes that have already been made.

5. Language of the contract, form of contract

The language of the contracts covered by this GTC is the Hungarian language.

Contracts covered by this GTC are considered to be written contracts and are filed by seller.

6. Products and services available for purchase

In our webshop we sell roofs and side windows and parts thereof for our own developed and manufactured sunroofs, bus roofs, trucks, livestock transporters, caravans, boats, amphibious buses.

Glasses of our sunroofs are tested and licensed in accordance with requirements of international traffic supervision. The license numbers are visible on glass of sunroofs.

(EU) European Standardization Identification Number: HS TEMPERED / E7 43R-011317 (USA) United States of America Standardization Identification Number: HS TEMPERED / DOT-663 AS3 M5539

Installation services are only carried out as a reference in individual cases for demonstration pattern skylights or for serial use for businesses in our plant in Kecskemét.

You can install products purchased as private in the webshop by a service centre.

Warning: The images displayed on the product data page contain real photos of sample products, but are mainly used as illustrations.

7. Order information

The products displayed can be ordered online through the WebShop, by delivery by courier or by taking over in person by the customer or his agent.

The prices displayed for the products include the statutory VAT of 27% and include the cost of delivery within Hungary.

If the seller places an incorrect price next to the product, despite due care and the price of the product differs from the generally accepted price, the seller is not obliged to supply the product at the wrong price, but is obliged to offer the buyer the possibility of purchasing at the real price in the confirmation of the order. If the buyer does not wish to make use of this option, he shall have the right to unilaterally terminate the contract.

No separate packing costs will be charged. More shipping information under shipping points.

In our webshop you can browse products that can be purchased through multiple pages. In addition to the listed products, you can view a picture, a brief description, a price for each product, and then put it right in your cart. For more information about the product, click the product name. You will then go to the product page where you can get more detailed information about the product. If you need more detailed information, please contact the telephone number recorded in the contact details from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

7.1. Order process

You can place the product in the Cart by clicking on the basket icon on the image of the product selected from the webshop submenu of the Shop menu, or by clicking the Add to Cart button or the Add to Cart button on the product data page. You can then add more products to your virtual basket, then check the Cart submenu, review the selected products, and even increase the number of pieces. You can also use the Update Cart button to update its contents to include the latest price. By using the Go to checkout button, you will be able to continue the process as a new or registered customer.

You can order the products without registering or logging in, you do not need to register or enter the system before ordering.

You can sign in or register under my Account submenu.

If you sign up, after entering your email address, you will receive a notification in your inbox containing the name of the user who will be identified for the future. You can then enter your full name, billing, and shipping address at check-in, or change your password.

Registration does not entail obligations!

If you are a registered customer but have forgotten your password, use the Forgotten Password option. If you provide your registered email address or user name here, your password will be sent to you by email.

Once you have entered the necessary information and finalized your order, we will send you an automatic confirmation containing your order details.

Please always check that your email address is correct so that we can deliver the ordered product to you.

If you have entered your e-mail address correctly and do not receive such a letter, your order will not be accepted. In this case, please contact us using the number +36 76/ 505-346 as indicated, Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

Once your order has been processed, we will send you an Order Closed confirmation to your email address. The product will not be delivered until after that.

You can monitor the process of your order until the order is closed by using the Order Tracking menu item. Here you can also find all the orders you have sent to our Webshop. Each order can be identified by a unique order number.

8. Registration

If you wish to register on our Website, you must also provide the information you need to purchase, including your name, billing and shipping details, email address and password for subsequent entry. Registration will be confirmed by e-mail.

The customer is obliged to keep the password provided by the customer confidential. If, during the identification process, the buyer's data has been correctly entered, the buyer's data has been obtained by an unauthorised third party, the seller shall not be liable for any damages or disadvantages resulting there may be.

Buyers agree to send them a technical message by entering their e-mail address. The registered data will be deleted from the system upon request by the seller. For security reasons, a deletion request will only be valid if the deletion request is confirmed by the customer by e-mail, thus preventing someone from intentionally or mistakenly deleting someone else from the registry.

Registration is identified by the e-mail address, so an email address can only be registered once.

Registration does not entail obligations.


9. Processing orders

Orders are processed on working days from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can place your order outside the times indicated as processing your order, but if it is after the end of the working time, the order will only be processed on the following business day. The delivery deadline for the accepted order is 3-5 working days from the date of confirmation for the products in stock. In the event that the product is not in stock, it takes 2-6 weeks depending on where it was supplied.

Our company is not responsible for any unannounced changes to any technical features of the ordered product for reasons beyond or outside the supplier.

10. Method of payment of the ordered product and delivery fee

How the ordered product is paid

  • Personal delivery: In this case, you will pay the purchase price of the product in HUF at the seller's registered office/premises in cash.
  • Delivery by delivery: The product will be delivered by the courier service we have appointed to the address you provide, where the invoice price of the product or products must be paid in cash to the courier. In the case of an on-sale order, there will be no additional cost as a repurchase fee.

In the case of cash payment, the ordered product must be paid in cash to the delivery man when the package is received.

The total amount to be paid includes all costs based on the summary of the order and a confirmation letter. The invoice and letter of guarantee are included in the package. Please inspect the package at delivery in front of the delivery provider and, in the event of any damage or absence, request a record and do not take over the package. We are unable to accept any subsequent complaintwithout a record.

11. Delivery date

For products in stock, 3-5 business days from the date of confirmation of the order. In the event that the product is not in stock for 2-6 weeks.


12. Delivery information

Orders received by our webshop are delivered exclusively by couriers from our courier service. Packages are delivered on working days from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

It is advisable to provide a ship-to address where, at the time of day indicated, the courier can be received continuously and ensure that the delivery consideration is paid to the courier.

Order the desired products only if you are able to pay the courier's fee when receiving the package. In the case of unreceived returned packages, the cost of delivery and return will be charged to the customer and re-dispatched will only be re-ordered if the package consideration is paid in advance.

In case of any further questions regarding the operation, ordering and delivery process of our store, we are at your disposal at our contact details provided in the contact details provided in our contact information.

13. Right of withdrawal

According to government decree No 45/2014 (II.26) on distance contracts, the provisions of this section apply only to a customer who is a consumer. Within 14 working days of receiving the ordered product, the consumer can terminate the contract without giving reasons and return the ordered product.

If the consumer arreates his right of withdrawal, he must communicate this to the seller in a clear written statement (by mail by registered acknowledgement of receipt or by e-mail). The seller is obliged to confirm it to the consumer immediately upon receipt of the withdrawal notice. In the event of the consumer's withdrawal, the ordered product must be returned to the seller within 14 days of the date of notification of his withdrawal notice. The cost of the return shall be borne by the consumer.

If the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal, the seller shall, within 14 days of receipt of the declaration to that effect, re refund the payments made by the consumer. An exception is where the consumer has chosen a mode of transport which entails additional costs and which is different from normal transport (transport abroad). The seller shall not be subject to the obligation to repay until the product has been returned or until the consumer has received a credible proof of return of the product. In the event of a discrepancy between the two dates, the seller must take into account the earlier date.

Seller may demand compensation from the consumer for material damage caused by improper use. Therefore, pay special attention to the proper use of the product, since the consumer is responsible for compensation for damage caused by improper use.

Upon receipt of the package to our company, a video camera will be used to record the opening of the package and the examination of the returned product. This is necessary to avoid any future misunderstandings. (e.g. whether the returned product was damaged or incomplete)

The consumer does not enjoy the right of withdrawal:

  • in the case of a product the price of which depends on movements and fluctuations in the money market which cannot be controlled by the undertaking.

  • in the case of a non-prefabricated product which has been produced specifically at the consumer's request, according to his specific request, on the basis of his specific needs.

Statement pattern for withdrawal



I/i declare/declare that i practice/exercise my right of withdrawal/termination/right in respect of a contract for the sale of the following products/products or the provision of the following service:

Date of conclusion /date of acceptance: Consumer(s) name:

Address of the consumer(s)

Please return the purchase price to the following bank account number (if you would like the purchase price to be refunded by bank transfer):

Consumer(s) signature: (only in the case of a declaration made on paper)




14. Warranty

Law No 151/2003, which contains the mandatory warranty rules for certain durable goods, is applicable to certain products marketed by Seller. According to the Gov. Regulation, the consumer has a 1-year warranty period from the date of delivery of the product. The consumer shall not have the right of guarantee if the defect occurred after the delivery of the product to the consumer.

For products not covered by the specified Regulation, the warranty period provided by the manufacturer shall be indicated next to the product. If problems arise, the seller can provide accurate information.

In the case of a warranty, the consumer is entitled to a free replacement of the defective product within the warranty period. Replacements cover defects resulting from manufacturing defects. The warranty terms and conditions apply in accordance with the terms and conditions in the user's manual.

In the event of a product failure, please contact us at the address and telephone number indicated on the included warranty ticket. The customer is responsible for the cost of delivering the products to a warranty service centre.

We don't pick up port-sent packets, they're always sent back to the sender!

Only new parts may be transferred during replacement.

The seller shall endeavour to complete the exchange within 15 days. The seller shall bear the costs of the activity carried out under the warranty.

In addition, the warranty is governed by Sections 3.6.171 to 173.


15. Warranty

In the event of a defect in the supplied product, the seller may be subject to a warranty claim in accordance with Section 6:159-167 :§ I of the Civil Code.

16. Handling of complaints

The consumer may submit consumer objections to the product or seller's activities at the following contact details:

Office and site: 6000 Kecskemét, Technik-Park

Customer reception time: Mon-Fri: 8:00-16:00, Saturday, Sunday: Closed

Phone: +36 76/ 505-346



The consumer may communicate his complaintorally or in writing to the seller relating to the conduct, activity or omission of the seller or of a person acting in the seller's interest or on his behalf in direct connection with the distribution or sale of the product toconsumers.

The seller is obliged to record the complaint at the place indicated in the seller's details and to keep the complaint for five years from the date of recording, together with the response to it.

The minutes of the complaint shall include:

1. the name and address of the consumer,

2. the place, time, manner in which the complaint was lodged,

3. a detailed description of the consumer's complaint, a list of documents, documents and other evidence presented by the consumer,

4. a statement by the seller of his position on the consumer's complaint, where immediate investigation of the complaint is possible,

5. the signature of the person recording the minutes and, except for oral complaints communicated by telephone or using other electronic communications services, the signature of the consumer,

6. the place, time of recording of the Protocol,

7. in the case of an oral complaint communicated by telephone or other electronic communications service, the unique identification number of the complaint.

The seller shall keep the record of the complaint and a copy of the reply for five years and present it to the control authorities at their request.

If the complaint is rejected, the seller shall inform the consumer in writing of the authority or conciliation body which, by its nature, may initiate the proceedings of the complaint. The information shall also include the seat, telephone and internet contact details and mailing address of the competent authority or of the conciliation body of the consumer's place of residence or residence. The information shall also include whether the undertaking is using the conciliation procedure to settle a consumer dispute.

If any consumer dispute between Seller and the consumer is not resolved during the negotiations, the following enforcement options shall be open to the consumer:

16.1. Complaining to consumer protection authorities. If the consumer detects a breach of his consumer rights, he is entitled to lodge a complaint with the consumer protection authority in his place of residence. After the complaint has been assessed, the authority shall decide on the conduct of the consumer protection procedure. The tasks of the consumer protection authority at first instance are carried out by the district offices competent for the consumer's place of residence, the list of which can be found here:

16.2. Conciliation

The consumer is entitled to pursue his consumer dispute claim before the courts in civil proceedings under the Civil Code Act 2013. The 2016 Act V and the Code of Civil Procedure Act 2016. It is therefore appropriate to take into in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

Please be informed that you may lodge a consumer complaint against us. If your consumer complaint is rejected, you also have the right to refer the matter to the Conciliation Body in your place of residence or place of residence: the opening of the conciliation body's procedure is subject to the condition that the consumer is directly attempt to resolve the dispute with the undertaking. The conciliation body designated in the consumer's application shall be competent to take the procedure, at the request of the consumer.

The seller shall be subject to the obligation to cooperate in the conciliation procedure.

In this context, the seller is subject to the obligation to send a reply to the conciliation body's request and an obligation to appear before the conciliation body ('ensuring the participation of a person authorised to reach an agreement at a hearing').

Where the seller's registered office or establishment is not registered in the county of the chamber which operates the regionally competent conciliation body, the seller's obligation to cooperate shall include the offer of the possibility of a written settlement in accordance with the consumer's claim.

In the event of a breach of the above obligation to cooperate, the consumer protection authority shall have jurisdiction to impose mandatory fines in the event of infringing conduct by undertakings as a result of a change in the law, and no fine shall be avoided.

The conciliation body shall have jurisdiction to settle a consumer dispute out of court. It is for the conciliation body to attempt to reach a settlement between the parties with a view to resolve the consumer dispute and, if this is not the case, to take a decision on the matter in order to ensure a simple, rapid, efficient and cost-effective enforcement of consumer rights. The conciliation body shall, at the request of the consumer or seller, advise on the rights of the consumer and the obligations imposed on the consumer.

The conciliation body's proceedings shall be initiated at the request of the consumer. The application shall be made in writing to the President of the Conciliation Body: the requirement of writing may be met by letter, telegram, telegraph or fax, and by any other means enabling the addressee to be addressed to him or her the long-term storage of data for the purpose of the data and the display of the data stored in the same form and with content.

The application must contain

(a) the name, place of residence or place of residence of the consumer,

(b) the name, place of business or place of business concerned of the consumer dispute,

c. where the consumer has applied for jurisdiction in place of the competent conciliation body,

d. a brief description of the consumer's position, the facts supporting it and their evidence,

e. a statement by the consumer that the consumer has directly attempted to settle the dispute with the undertaking concerned

f. a statement by the consumer that he has not initiated proceedings by any other conciliation body in the case, that no mediation proceedings have been initiated, that no application has been submitted or that an order for payment has been issued,

(g) a motion for a decision of the Board,

h. the consumer's signature.

The application shall be accompanied by a document or a copy thereof, the content of which the consumer refers to as evidence, in particular the undertaking's written declaration of refusal of the complaint, failing this, the consumer other written evidence available to him of the attempt to consult the required consultation.

Where the consumer acts by proxy, the application shall be accompanied by a power of attorney. More information about the Conciliation Bodies is available here:

More information about the territorially competent Conciliation Bodies can be found here:


Contact details of each territorially competent Conciliation Bodies:


Baranya County Conciliation Board

Address: 7625 Pécs, Majorossy I. u. 36.

Phone Number: 06-72-507-154

Fax: 06-72-507-152



Bacs-Kiskun County Conciliation Board

Address: 6000 Kecskemét, Árpád krt. 4.

Phone Number: 06-76-501-500; 06-76-501-525, 06-76-501-523

Fax: 06-76-501-538




Peaceful County Conciliation Board

Address: 5600 Békéscsaba, Penza ltp. 5.

Phone Number: 06-66-324-976

Fax: 06-66-324-976



Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Conciliation Board

Address: 3525 Miskolc, Szentpáli u. 1.

Phone Number:06-46-501-091;06-46-501-870

Fax: 06-46-501-099



Budapest Conciliation Board

Address: 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99. Annex III Em. 310.

Phone Number: 06-1-488-2131

Fax: 06-1-488-2186



Csongrád County Conciliation Board

Address: 6721 Szeged, Paris krt. 8-12.

Phone Number: 06-62-554-250/118

Fax: 06-62-426-149



Fejr County Conciliation Board

Address: 8000 Szekesfehérvár, Longwalk 4-6.

Phone Number:06-22-510-310

Fax: 06-22-510-312



Győr-Moson-Sopron County Conciliation Board

Address: 9021 Győr, St. Stephen's Road 10/a.

Phone Number: 06-96-520-217

Fax: 06-96-520-218



Hajdú-Bihar County Conciliation Board

Address: 4025 Debrecen, Pirosmarty u. 13-15.

Phone Number: 06-52-500-710

Fax: 06-52-500-720



Heves County Conciliation Board

Address: 3300 Eger, Nursery Road 15.

Phone Number: 06-36-429-612

Fax: 06-36-323-615



Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Conciliation Board

Address: 5000 Szolnok, Verseghy park 8. 3. floor 305-306.

Phone Number: 06-56-510-621, 06-20-373-2570

Fax: 06-56-510-628



Komárom-Esztergom County Conciliation Board

Address: 2800 Tatabánya, Main Square 36.

Phone Number: 06-34-513-027

Fax: 06-34-316-259



Nógrád County Conciliation Board

Address: 3100 Salgótarjan, Constitution road 9/A.

Phone Number: 06-32-520-860

Fax: 06-32-520-862



Pest County Conciliation Board

Address: 1055 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos tér 6-8. 331rd floor III.

Phone Number: 06-1-269-0703

Fax: 06-1-474-7921



Somogy County Conciliation Board

Address: 7400 Kaposvár, Anna u.6.

Phone Number: 06-82-501-026

Fax: 06-82-501-046



Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Conciliation Board

Address: 4400 Nyíregyháza, Széchenyi u. 2.

Phone Number: 06-42-311-544

Fax: 06-42-311-750



Tolna County Conciliation Board

Address: 7100 Szekszárd, Arany J. u. 23-25. Third Floor

Phone Number: 06-74-411-661

Fax: 06-74-411-456



Vas County Conciliation Board

Address: 9700 Szombathely, Honvéd tér 2.

Phone Number: 06-94-312-356

Fax: 06-94-316-936



Veszprém County Conciliation Board

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Radnóti Tér 1. ground floor 116.

Phone Number: 06-88-429-008

Fax: 06-88-412-150



Zala County Conciliation Board

Address: 8900 Zalaegerszeg, Petőfi u. 24.

Phone Number: 06-92-550-513

Fax: 06-92-550-525



17. Data management


The seller treats the personal data provided to him during the use of the webshop as confidential and does not give it to an outside third party, except to his subcontractor (e.g. courier service), as this is necessary for the delivery of the order.

Technical information is recorded for statistical purposes when browsing the webshop. (IP address, duration of visit, etc.). These information shall be provided by the seller to the authorities only in a legally credible and substantiated case.

Cookies must be enabled to use the service. If you don't want to allow cookies, you can disable it in your browser settings. If cookies are prohibited, certain elements of the service can only be used in part or at all.

A cookie is a file that the server sends to the user's browser and is stored on the user's computer. Personal data is not stored in the cookie.

The data recorded during the ordering process will be used by the seller to fulfill the order. The details of the invoice made by each IT system from the order placed on the webshop's pages are recorded with the information provided during the placing of the order and are stored for the period specified in the applicable accounting law.

The information provided during the browsing of the webshop and the subscription of the newsletter provided during registration will be kept confidential by the seller, unsubscribe can be requested at one of the contact details provided. You can request the deletion or modification of your data at any time in writing.

The procedure starting with the order is governed by the provisions of act CXII of 2011, the seller's privacy statement is available on the website.

18. Other provisions

Seller is entitled to unilaterally modify the terms and conditions of these GTC at any time. Seller informs buyers of the changes via the website interface. After the modification, the use of the Website is subject to the buyer's express acceptance of them through the Website and in the manner provided therein.

Matters not covered by these terms and conditions are governed by the provisions of The Civil Code (Act V of 2013) and government Decree No 45/2014 (II.26) on distance contracts for consumer contracts.

To download the Terms and Conditions in pdf format, click on the link below:



Kecskemét, 18.03.2020