Caravan windows

These vehicle windows can be called somewhat special because they are installed in the trailer for ventilation and not in the vehicle itself.

We install not only into caravans or caravan buses, but also in other closed trailers, such as equine or other livestock transporter's sides too of these types, but can even fit into the sleeping cabins of camions and trucks.

These windows can be opened in four directions, and their closing cover can be replaced with a larger one, a different colour or a different material. The frame of the caravan window consists of two parts having an opening mechanism. When the window frame and opening mechanism are assembled, it can be freely varied with any closure geometry.

We also sell the window in its elements:

  • opening mechanics
  • frame and silicone sealing rubber profile
  • cover (small size, highly transparent)

The opening mechanics can also be installed into the side windows of camions and trucks' sleeping cabins which based on their own unique construction.

It is a common misconception that the post-installed sunroofs are inevitably soaked, however this can be avoided by a workshop with the appropriate quality level. In many cases, our customers have trouble with installing windows for less frequent, special cars or buses, in this time we are glad to help with professional advice.

We can provide immediate service upon request.
This is garanteed by the fact that we deliver continuously for factory supply, so a certain amount of strategic stock is always in storage.

Spare parts of our products can also be posted as required. For deliveries abroad needs, always request for information about delivery costs.

We can also deliver components such as opening mechanics, frames, other spare parts.
We can replace the broken glass or the other fittings of roof window.

Trusting in our thirty years of professional experience, we offer a 3-year warranty on our sunroofs purchased in residential sales in Hungary, with the exception of glass.

As a result of our warranty obligations, we will provide our customers with any related spare parts replacement or repair in case of defect is due to a producing problem. Of course, a prerequisite for this is the existing guarantee book.

In case of breakage of glass, unfortunately, it is not possible to determine who was the cause of the injury, so we cannot give a guarantee for it, so the glass is always made against payment.

We can proudly say that the warranty issues are very rare in our company life, so that is why we have not got any customers for years who would contact us for this reason.