Producing sunroof and hatch for cars, buses, caravans, equine transporters and boats. The sunroofs we produce are delivered by courier to the customer. The sunroofs are made locally or at our Russian partner company.

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us and call +36 70 703 6695. You can search for a case like this from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The price indicated includes all costs, the buyer does not incur any other costs in case of delivery within Hungary. Please inquire about the fees for transport outside Hungary, because the price category of the shipment abroad varies depending on the distance!
The glasses of our skylights are inspected and licensed in accordance with the international regulations of the traffic authority. The license numbers are visible on the glass.
(EU) European standard test id: HS TEMPERED / E7 43R-011317
(U.S.) United States Standard Test ID: HS TEMPERED / DOT-663 AS3 M5539

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Questions and answers

Yes, we send it by express courier or you can pick it up in person at us after prior arrangement.

Can you also post the sunroof to me?

We give an eternal lifetime warranty for our sunroofs with the exception of glass. As long as the owner has the guarantee book, the Lux Ltd. will provide the parts supply…

Is there a guarantee for sunroofs?

Its basic function: design & noise- and wind-free ventilation. It is also used as an optical tuning element for many cars. In vehicles without air conditioning if we want to provide the ventilation without wind.

Why is the sunroof good?

The sunroof eliminates the negative properties of air conditioners. Although the A/C cools well in temperatures as high as 40 degree Celsius ( = 104 °F ), but it dries the air,…

What makes the sunroof different?

The sunroof, as any other products, never gets soaked, when it is properly installed. In two cases can be soaked, if the user leaves it open in the rain…

Does not the sunroof get soaked?