Zenit sunroof

Our sunroof with the brandname ZENIT consists of the following main components:

  • the upper frame is an outdoor window frame, which is equipped with a silicone-based plastic sealing profile,
  • the lower frame is the interior fixing ones,
  • the decorating cover element, which aims the interior ceiling upholstering and the window aesthetic fitting,
  • the tempered, tinted glass,
  • the opening mechanics, which performs glass lifting and lowering tasks.

From these following components can be purchased as a single product:

  • The mounted glass, which is easy to replace when it is broken. With one move it can be installed out and in, moreover the mounted glass with hinges and opening mechanics can be replaced even at home without that you need the help of a specialist.
  • Of course, you can buy the unmounted glass separately.
  • Opening mechanics.