Livestock trailer, caravan

The most common users are equine transport vehicles.

They use bus windows for roofs and caravan windows for sidewalls for car trailers.

Our roof hatches are universal type, can be installed most likely to almost every type of vehicles.

We give a 3-year warranty on our skylights, except for glass! As long as the owner has the warranty book, Lux Kft. provides the supply of skylight parts free of charge during the warranty period. We are confident in the good quality of our products.

There is no draft effect, no noise and the vacuum at the top sucks out the warm air that flies upwards.

The sunroof lets in 20 percent of the light, ensuring the seamless transport.

For caravan type tows when installing it is important to consider the thickness of the wall of superstructure:

- sidewall
- roof panel
- front wall.

These are different in every case.

Be sure to check with the window installer before purchasing and read our frequently asked questions.