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Job creation at LUX Kft.





LUX Automotive Parts Manufacturing Limited Liability Company won a HUF 64.93 million European Union grant in the tender call GINOP-5.3.12-19 ENCOURAGING EMPLOYMENT EXPANSION within the framework of the Széchényi 2020 program. With a total cost of HUF 149.94 million, the company realized the creation of 15 jobs in the tender.



Our number at the end of 2019 was 51 people, of which 5-5 people are engineers or technicians related to plastic production (plastics processing technologist, certified engineer, machine part designer, production technologist, chip technology technician, plastic processing technologist, engineering informatics, machine locksmith skilled worker master, technology technician, machine locksmith – tool operator) 15 main office employees, 26 trained workers. The company's plan at the end of 2020 was to reach a headcount of 66 people, as this was necessary in order to be able to realize the planned number of sales and products sold for 2022. Within the framework of this project, we hired 15 new employees, unfortunately, due to the shortage of specialists in the Hungarian labor market, the given position was not filled by one colleague in several cases.

In 2020, we commissioned our new Arburg injection moulding and other machines covering the technological process (injection molding tools, forklift, crane, raw material silo) We created a new group for the operation of the machines, here 15 people were needed, we were able to employ this number with the help of this tender.

The increase in headcount was induced by our developments in 2020. In 2020, we commissioned our new injection molding machines in our newly handed over production hall. These machines were necessary to meet the increased ordering demands seen in recent years. The newly purchased machines will be entered in the fixed asset register of LUX Automotive Parts Manufacturing Ltd. The implementation of the machine procurement projects was largely completed in 2020. The total cost of the investment is cca. 600 million HUF. The start of the investment, i.e. the ordering of the machines, was made in February 2020, their commissioning took place in 2021.


Place of implementation: 6000 Kecskemét inland area 11751/55.

Aid intensity: 43,31 %

Project completion date: 30.11.2022

Project identification number: GINOP-5.3.12-19-2020-00136


For more information, please contact:

LUX Automotive Parts Manufacturing Ltd.

Headquarters: 6000 Kecskemét inland 11751/55.

Tax number: 10514906-2-03

Company registration number: 03-09-100405

E-mail: info@luxauto.hu

Website: https://luxauto.hu//


Name of beneficiary: LUX Automotive Parts Manufacturing Ltd.

Project title: Development of Lux Kft. to support market growth

Amount of contracted support: HUF 53.5 million

Aid rate: 70%

Project finish date: January 21, 2022

Project ID: GINOP 1.2.8-20-2020-00884


With the help of the grant, we acquired the following tools:

  • 1 dell poweredge R740 DX4214R/384GB HANA server
  • 1 piece Automatic Injection Moulding Tool Wheel Wedge
  • 1 piece Automatic injection moulding tool Wheel wedge holder
  • 1 piece Plastic injection mold Mud flap for rubber fender left-right 210 mm production
  • 1 piece Plastic injection mold For mud flap rubber fender left-right 225 mm production
  • 1 automatic injection moulding tool Fender
  • 6 Zebra TC520K-1XFMU6P-A6, Android Data Logger


Beneficiary: Limited Liability Company for Lux Automotive Parts
Project title: Lux Ltd. capacity expansion
Amount of contracted aid: 144 016 958 Ft
Aid intensity: 50 %
Objective of development: The aim of the investment is to increase our plastic injection moulding capacity by 15-17 %, as the volume of market needs exceeds our current injection moulding capacity. The investment fits with industry trends and our own technology, as injection moulding and printing machines are purchased that are able to switch rapidly and change products in the production process, with shorter time from the arrival of the raw material to the delivery of the finished product.
In short, we're improving our efficiency.
With this development we can increase our market position in the car electrical product range and in the trailer fender segment.
The development takes place in the TECHNIK-PARK industrial park in Kecskemét.
Date of project implementation: 28.02.2019
Project IDENTIFICATION Number: GINOP-1.2.1-16-2017-00245

application 2018-12-04

Capacity expansion at Lux Ltd

Lux Ltd. submitted a tender in 2014 to expand the production capacity of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the framework of Széchenyi 2020.

The Ltd. application for GINOP-1.2.1-14-2014-00465 is submitted on 31 December 2015. received a grant of 50% aid with a non-refundable aid intensity of HUF 41,535,626, which allowed him to invest at a total cost of HUF 83,071.252.

The project involved the purchase of two ARBURG ALLROUNDER 570 C 2000-800 GOLDEN EDITION plastic injection moulding equipment. The investment included the purchase of arburg thermolift auxiliary dryer and material delivery equipment as well as arburg multilift select console robot system. These two new machines complement the company's existing fleet of machinery, make future orders suitable and at the same time implement capacity upgrades and quality improvements of 20-25%.

These two hydraulic ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines can be used for any known injection
optimally adapted for the work to be carried out by the procedure, different peripherals can be integrated
the system through the freely programming SELOGICA control.

The implementation of the project will contribute to the expansion, modernisation of production capacities,
modernisation of the plant and create new jobs.

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Development of supply chain at ACPS Automotive Kft.


2021 / 12 / 22


ACPS Automotive Limited Liability Company (consortium leader) won HUF 1,895 billion in EU funding in the framework of Széchényi 2020 under the tender "GINOP-1.3.3-16, Support for supplier micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and supplier integrators". Through the investment with a total cost of HUF 3.79 billion, the consortium leader and the 3 consortium members will implement infrastructure development, the purchase of production equipment, IT development and organizational development in the tender.


In addition to ACPS Automotive Kft., two of its existing suppliers in the project are LUX Kft. and Miga-Metall Kft., as well as Szigeti Group Kft., who was added to the integrator's Bid list through the realization of the project. The consortium members realized the purchase of production equipment, and MIGA-Metall Kft. and LUX Kft. implemented the construction of a new production hall in the project. In addition, all 3 consortium members participated in the organizational development consulting proposed by the integrator, and the application of the INDUSTRY4.0 solution was also implemented.

LUX: You have implemented the construction of the new hall in order to serve the increased demand and capacity. Lux Kft. plans to produce universal caps for the hitches manufactured by ACPS on injection molding machines, of which the company ordered 372000 units in the year before the start of the project, which was a shortage of capacity in terms of the machines existing at that time. For hitches, a supporting element for fixing the electrical connector, several 10000 pieces per year, produced from plastic. The plastic part of a car lift that is supported into the body is an order of 10000 pieces per year. Locking mechanism of a removable hitch consisting of 5 components, which represents a delivery obligation of more than 100000 pcs/year. To fully serve this production process, several machines with different functions are needed, which are included in the final tender budget. The organizational development consulting provided by ACPS ensures that the company is more competitive, establishes a closer relationship and provides more accurate service.

MIGA-METALL: supplies ACPS with the sheet parts of the towing hooks. It became necessary to build a new production hall to accommodate products and devices that increase the newly acquired production capacity, to produce a sufficient amount of parts. Since the company does not yet have a corporate governance or production management system, this is also one of the developments.

Szigeti Group Ltd.: manufactures the metal sphere part of the towing hooks for ACPS. For this, they needed CNC machining machines, the purchase of INDUSTRY 4.0 software and organizational development were also built into the tender.

ACPS Automotive Kft: performs the assembly of the components manufactured by the suppliers, i.e. the production of the final units. In connection with this, welding robots, a complex, robotically serviced metalworking production line and a two-axis vertical lathe have been purchased The INDUSTRY 4.0 software helps to produce more efficiently and eliminate downtime due to downtime.


Implementation locations: 6000 Kecskemét Inland 11751/55. 11751/55., 6000 Kecskemét Kadafalva-Heliport hrs.11751/43 11751/43., 6000 Kecskemét Kiskőrösi út 24 9410., 7400 Kaposvár Bulb Street 12 3398/8

The budget of the project is HUF 3 789 579 610, the amount of own resources is HUF 1 894 789 807 and the amount of the grant is also HUF 1 894 789 803 (50 %).

Project completion: 31.12.2021

Project ID: GINOP-1.3.3-16-2017-00003

For more information, please contact:

ACPS Automotive Ltd

Headquarters: 6000 Kecskemét, Kadafalva-Heliport 11751/43

TAX NUMBER: 13148489-2-03

Registration Number: 03-09-111065

Email: krisztina.walter@acps-automotive.com

Website: https://acps.hu/



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TKL-MŰ Product development at LUX Kft.


LUX Limited Liability Company for Automotive Parts has won 54.78 million HUF of EU funding under the Széchényi 2020 programme in the framework of the Széchényi 2020 programme. Through the investment with a total cost of HUF 121.75 million, the company implemented a pilot development of a plastic coare support foot system for trailers.

A structural component of motor vehicle tows, caravans, boat carriers, horse and livestock carriers, etc., which helps to take the tow truck off the towing hook in contact with the vehicle. When disconnected, when the tow is lifted from the towing hook in front of it with this hoist (which also has a wheel). It then allows the trailer to be stable and hand-rolled near the nose as a fixed third wheel. This product is currently made of iron all over the world, using a multi-stage technology process. These are typically: pipe production, cutting, cutting, training, welding, pressing, electroplating, galvanizing, assembly, etc. Working with metal requires many types of technological process, transport between operations, storage takes up a lot of time and energy, and the weight of the product is quite large. More importantly, the main disadvantage is rusting, which makes the threads of the lifting part and fastening parts inoperable after a few years of use. The reason for this is mainly moisture. Since trailers, like most vehicles, are not kept in garages, precipitation in the open sky destroys the rides. In addition, it is important to note that the support foot on the trailer fixed to the towing hook, at which point the device is not in use, shakes while driving on the road and is subjected to very high forces. This is another main cause of failures. Salt water is also a problem for boat trailers. When the ship is put on the water, the trailer is exposed to salt water, so it is the ship carriers that most often and most often the failure of the coiled support foot occurs. Failure is also very delicate because it usually occurs on the fly, in which case the support leg simply breaks off, which the trailer carries with it for a while, and then the foot breaks off due to continuous force limits. In this case, the trailer cannot be disconnected from the towing hook until the device has been replaced.

Our goal is therefore to create a product made of pure plastic, without the use of a metal component, which has future-proof and better physical properties than its predecessor in the world.

Basic advantages of the developed product when using plastic instead of metal:

– 70% weight reduction. On the one hand, this is increasingly important for trailers, since a higher basic weight results in a longer braking distance and higher consumption – although the weight of this product is negligible compared to the total mass of the trailer. Another advantage of weight loss is that less weight also results in less shaking on the fly, making it less likely to fail.

– All parts are made of purely special fiberglass reinforced plastics, making them more future-proof than a simple plastic structure.

– Components are made in 1 operation using pure plastic injection moulding technology in 1 operation step

– No chemical corrosion protection is required, nor can rust occur. Moisture-induced damage to metal parts is not relevant for plastics. Thus, the material does not require greasing, subsequent surface treatment, cleaning

– The development will provide new features that the current design does not have.

– Virtually no waste is generated: non-usable parts of the products can be re-graded and reused for injection molding. Unlike metal, where a large number of metal by-products (chips, small pieces of metal) are produced after cutting to size, which is considered hazardous waste, there may be several tonnes per year in a larger plant, which is unnecessarily stored on site and transported very expensively.

Place of implementation: 6000 Kecskemét inland area 11751/55.

For more information, please contact:

LUX Automotive Parts Manufacturing Ltd.

Headquarters: 6000 Kecskemét inland 11751/55.

TAX NUMBER: 10514906-2-03

Registration Number: 03-09-100405

E-mail: info@luxauto.hu

Website: https://luxauto.hu//